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Majed Alhamad working out at home

4 Basic Equipment for Working Out at Home

If you want to working out at home more, you can do so with just a few simple and cheap pieces of equipment. This is a great option if the nearest gym is too far away, too expensive or even if you just don’t have time to get there.

One of the best things about working out at home is that it encourages you to do exercises which engage a greater range of muscles than any weight machine at the gym. This is often a more effective way of exercising for many people.

Here are four simple bits of kit to help you when working out at home.


  1. A pull-up bar is great for strength training

A pull-up bar is a great tool, for the simple reason that pull-ups are incredible bodyweight exercises. You can use different grip positions when doing pull-ups to work different muscle groups, and you can add ankle or hip weights if you need to.

As well enabling you to do basic pull-ups, the bar also lets you work your core by doing leg raises and knee raises.


  1. Resistance bands are ideal exercise gear for home

These simple elastic bands are incredibly versatile and usually quite cheap, so you will often find them in commercial gyms and rehab units. They come with different levels of resistance, so they are harder or easier to stretch for different exercises. As a major plus, they pack away easily into a small bag so they can be stored easily.

You can use them to generate more resistance when doing push-ups, for example, or wrap them around a door handle to do chest presses or chest flies. If you put the band under your feet you do bicep curls or shoulder presses. The options are practically endless, meaning you get an unbelievable full body workout using just resistance bands.


  1. Dumbbells let you add weight to different exercises

If you’re looking for versatility, then dumbbells are just about the best type of weights you can get. They can be used for bicep and hammer curls, but also for exercises which target other muscle groups. For example, doing raises with the dumbbells will work the shoulders, rows will work the back, and extensions will work the triceps. You can also use dumbbells as grips for push-ups or for extra weight when doing squats or step-ups.


  1. Sandbags: basic equipment to turbocharge core training

A sandbag is a great tool for adding some extra weight during sit-ups or crunches, allowing you to build great core strength. The sandbag can also be used for squats and some upper body exercises.

Investing in one or two of these basic workout items can transform your workouts at home. They don’t take up a lot of space, so you don’t have to turn your whole house into a gym, but they do give you options for different or more challenging exercises.


You may even find that you can do workouts at home that are as effective as anything you do at the gym. Basic exercises with minimal equipment can do wonders for your fitness.


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