Why building a home gym can help you keep training on track through lockdown | Majed Alhamad
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Majed Al Hamad - building a home gym 2

Building a home gym will help you continue training through lockdown and beyond

Fitness expert and personal trainer Majed Al Hamad on why building a home gym is the key to training through lockdown and beyond.

We don’t yet know when gyms can reopen in the UK. Despite the latest Government announcement giving the green light to some service industries to open from 4 July 2020, health centres and gyms remain closed.

When gyms do finally open, it will be a big relief for many people who have been missing their regular visits during lockdown. However, keen exercisers will have to combine gym visits with at home training even when doors do open. This is because the measures gym owners need to take to be ‘COVID-19’ safe depend on having far fewer people using the facilities at any one time.

This is why the best way to ensure your training continues to the level you need to reach your goals is to create a home gym. Combine this with outdoor training until you can add gym visits back into the mix.

Why building a home gym helps maintain training

Before the pandemic it was possible to drop into your local gym at your own convenience. And although there would inevitably be busier times, even then people were welcome to wait for equipment to be free. This will not happen when gyms do finally reopen.

With fewer places available and strict opening times in place, you will still need a home gym. A hybrid training programme will help you hit your goals without sacrificing sessions.

And to make sure you get the most out of your home workouts, your best bet is to invest in some equipment. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend lots of money, but it does mean taking the time to plan the best set-up for your goals. Here’s how.

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