How to continue to build muscle at home during coronavirus | Majed Alhamad
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Here’s how to build muscle at home during coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to cause chaos around the world, and even as some countries start to move out of lockdown, some venues remain closed. Among these are gyms, swimming pools and fitness studios. With no access to a gym, keen exercisers are turning to at home workouts. There are thousands of online workouts available, ranging from Pilates to HITT to yoga and much more. But what if you want to build muscle? Is it still possible to gain muscle without hardcore gym equipment? Absolutely! Here’s how.

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Eat well and train well to build muscle at home during coronavirus

The two key elements of building muscle are eating clean and regular resistance training. And both of these can be successfully achieved without ever needing to set foot in a gym.

Your diet must include the right balance of protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats to achieve your goals. If you’re just starting out on a muscle building quest, then head online and choose an equipment-free bodyweight resistance regime. This is enough for beginners to start building muscle. However, depending on how often you do it, bodyweight exercises won’t be enough for very long.

As you get fitter, your body will adapt to your own bodyweight and will plateau. This is when you need to switch it up through one of the following methods.

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  1. Eat right, eat clean and eat protein

Your diet is the most important factor in getting healthy and building lean muscle. You need to eat plenty of protein to give your muscles the fuel they need to grow, and it’s easily as important as pumping iron to reach your goals.

Protein can be ingested from food alone, or from protein bars, protein powder, in smoothies or as other supplements. It doesn’t matter how you get it, but it does matter how much you get.

If you exercise a lot then you need between 1.6g and 2g of protein per kg of your own body weight each day. So, if you weigh 70kg, you should eat between 112g and 140g every single day. If you want to use a protein powder, do plenty of research before selecting one and only use high quality products. There are also loads of vegan options if you want to cut out meat.

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  1. Invest in good quality equipment

For building muscle, you ideally need a good set of dumbbells or kettlebells or both. You can find adjustable versions of these, so you don’t need lots of space to store them. But if you do have room, nothing beats a weight bench and set of weights. Look online for a good deal and remember that you can nearly always find second- hand sets of weights on local selling sites. If you’re serious about your training and intend to build muscle mass, buying some equipment will get you there faster. If you just can’t afford any extra equipment, stick to the full bodyweight exercise plans online and look for increasingly more difficult examples.

Majed Al Hamad - Include Time Under Tension (TUT) training in your plan

  1. Include Time Under Tension (TUT) training in your plan

TUT is about putting each muscle under strain for longer periods of time during sets. It’s a really effective way of speeding up muscle growth. How long to leave the muscle under tension depends on how many sets you’re doing and how many reps within the sets. Fewer reps mean leaving the muscle under tension for longer periods of time speeds up the growth. Try and keep the muscle under tension for between 15 and 25 seconds at a time.

A similar methodology is called maximum mTor activation, which focuses on negative movement. The idea is to release the action quickly and then replace it slowly and steadily. For example, if you are doing an overhead press, push the bar quickly and release slowly.

Majed Al Hamad - Try a weight vest to boost your workout

  1. Try a weight vest to boost your workout

Bodyweight workouts are often enough for beginners to build muscle, but for hardcore exercisers will quickly become ineffective. You can look for more difficult workouts online, such as the Navy Seals Workout for a super tough at home session.

If you just want to add more resistance to your workout, try a weights vest. They’re easy to get online and great to build muscle faster.

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