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Ideal virus quarantine exercises that need no equipment

Most people are now under some form of lockdown as the world battles the spread of Covid-19. However, being stuck indoors means increased levels of sedentary behaviour for many. It’s harder for frequent exercisers to stick to their plans, and for those that normally rely on walking to and from work, it’s crucial that steps are taken to increase activity inside.

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Exercise is vital for physical and mental health during virus quaratine

Regular exercise is vital to maintain fitness, and also to keep positive during challenging times. It also boosts the immune system and can help people be less susceptible to serious complications from all kinds of infections.

Before isolation kicked in, a study in the Lancet linked inactivity with 5.3 million deaths a year globally. Guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intensive exercise every week. In addition, adults should do at least two strengthening sessions every week.

Any kind of exercise is better than none. But the more you do, the more benefits you will reap for your physical and mental health.


Virus quarantine exercises to boost your fitness during lockdown

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  1. Move more – we’ll start with the basics, but it’s the easiest change you can make. Make sure you get up from your computer, TV, book or laptop every half an hour and walk around for 2 to 3 minutes. Switch between sitting and standing often and change your working station by fashioning a standing desk if you have the space.

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  1. Use your staircase – if you have one, use your staircase to do climbing exercises. Six weeks of regular, fast stair climbing every day can do wonders for your fitness levels, and if you get bored of that here are some stair exercises to try. If you live in a flat use the communal stairs, but avoid other people and don’t touch any hard surfaces, such as handrails.

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  1. Do regular bodyweight exercises – according to a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, bodyweight strength exercises are just as vital to health as aerobic exercise. Look online for suggestions and you’ll find plenty of options at all fitness levels and for all ages. Think plans, press-ups and sit-ups, and make sure to do several rounds of reps with a two-minute rest in between.

Majed Alhamad - quarantine exercises Get dancing

  1. Get dancing – dancing will get you fit and boost your endorphins. You don’t need lots of room, or a fancy exercise programme. Simply choose your favourite music and dance until you’re out of breath.

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  1. Spend more time playing – get everyone in the family moving by playing more. Active play with kids and animals will keep everyone happier and boost your fitness.


Most importantly – do something! At the end of the day, the most important advice to follow is to do some kind of activity during lockdown for the virus. Get moving and feel more positive!

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