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Six Tips to Help You Maintain Weight Loss

If you manage to lose weight then the last thing you want to do is put it back on again. Only one in five manage to maintain weight loss after losing it, so you need a plan. Fortunately, there are some simple but effective things you can do.

The secret to maintain weight loss is in understanding how your body reacts to it. If you eat less, your body may perceive this as a danger because we evolved in a world where a food shortage could mean death. So, it reacts by storing fat and craving more food.

So, don’t let that bit of your brain get in the way of keeping the weight off, and instead use these strategies to fight back and keep control of your diet.


Eat plant-based foods to maintain weight loss

Fruits and vegetables tend to be composed mostly of fiber and water, and they contain very few calories. This means you can feel full without putting too many calories into your body.

To see why, imagine how hard it would be to eat two whole apples or oranges, or an entire head of cabbage in one go. It’s hard to overeat when you eat fibre-rich foods, so a healthy, plant-based diet makes it easier to lower the number of calories you consume. This keeps weight gain off.


Control what you eat to keep weight off

When you cook your meals, you can pay close attention to the ingredients you use, especially the amount of fat that goes into your food. The internet offers hundreds of healthy recipes, so it’s easy to create delicious, nutritionally balanced meals at home.

But if you eat out you can’t be sure exactly what is going into your food, especially the fats and oils that they use. By eating at home as much as possible, you can stay in charge of what goes into your body.


Get more protein in your diet

A number of studies have shown that high-protein diets can help you fight weight gain. Proteins help you to stay full for longer and reduce food cravings. If the strategy seems similar to others that you’ve heard recommended for weight loss, it’s no accident. The best weight-loss plans are lifestyle overhauls, after all. If you need to keep your weight off for life, you need to choose a healthy diet for life.


Stay away from liquid calories

You should always stay hydrated but can do yourself a big favour by avoiding calorie-rich beverages like lattes, sodas and packaged fruit juices. These drinks pack calories into your diet but don’t come with the fibre that should go with them to make you feel full.

The result is that you load up on calories without your body responding by telling you to stop eating. If you want to keep weight off you, water is the best option for staying hydrated.


Be nice to your gut and it will be nice to you

You need the millions of bacteria that live in your intestines to keep you healthy, and to help keep weight off. To do this, you need to feed that bacteria just the right food. This means you should eat plenty of fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi, as well as lots of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables.


Exercise to maintain a healthy weight

Once you have lost weight, keeping it off requires that you focus on physical activity just as much as your diet. The more you move, the easier it gets for you to maintain a healthy weight level.


Studies have shown that people who lose weight and keep it off do not think about the maintain weight loss rules that they need to live by. Instead, they internalise those rules and accept them as part of a new lifestyle. The best way to keep weight off is to alter the way you live your life. A healthy diet and healthy exercise routines should be your new life.

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